Pablo Picasso the man, the art, the legend.

Pablo Picasso the man, the art, the legend

Imagine shattering an image and reassembling it into a revolutionary art form. This is the essence of Cubism, pioneered by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, the 20th century’s artistic giant. Renowned for many different styles, he was also the inventor of the constructed sculpture, co-founding Cubism and collage, three pillars of modernism.

Picasso started coming to Paris as an eager 19-year-old prodigy. He immersed himself in the Parisian art scene, forging friendships with influential figures like the journalist Max Jacob, artist/collaborator Georges Braque, and rival Henri Matisse. His mark today can still be felt all over the city including his former studio Bateau-Lavoir the birthplace of Cubism, Saint Germain-des-Prés the neighbourhood that fueled his artistic fire and the Musée Picasso.