A week of Art Walks in Paris – February 21 – 24, 2022

Explore the collection at the Pompidou (21-02-22 : 01:30-3:30)

Be led by a local art expert through the top two floors of the Pompidou.


– 5th floor tour including : Fauvism, Surrealism and Cubism
– 4th floor tour including : Nouveau Realism, Conceptualism and living artists

Orsay, Impressionism and Art Nouveau (22-02-22 : 10:00-12:00)

Visit the important works of the first 19th-century art movement- the Impressionist, followed by the Art Nouveau section of the Decorative Art collection.


– The history of Impressionism
– Visit to the Decorative arts wing of the museum

Beaux-Arts Walk (22-02-22: 13:30-3:30)

Visit a selection of galleries on the left bank that very well may host a top international name or local treasure. Finally, we will finish our day together with a refreshment at a local artist studio.


– A visit to 4 to 6 galleries
– Local historical locations
– Visit to the studio of Adian Lamm & Cecile Bicler

Marias Gallery Tour (23-02-22: 13:30-3:00)

Together we will explore the Marais’ internationally known galleries and lesser-known courtyard spaces.


– A visit to 4 to 6 galleries
– Followed by an apero and recap

The Belleville and Poush-Manifesto (24-02-22: 13:30-3:30)

The Belleville art scene is a fresh and forever renewing cultural hub in Paris. New galleries pop up, move and are a little more tucked away from view. Poush-Manifesto is the largest studio residency in Europe, with more than 200 artists working at this location. We will end our tour with a visit to three artist studios and a group exhibition.


– A visit to 4 to 6 galleries in Belleville
– Followed refreshment at one of Pantin’s collective studios