Paris Art Walks

Take a walk around Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, visiting, exploring and discovering the incredible art in its museums and galleries. Paris Art Walks connects you with industry insiders who are excited to share with you their passion for Paris’ infamous works of art along with all the lesser-known treasures. Discover or just rediscover the city, on a small or private art tour with a local who can show you the little-known galleries, or tell you about the secrets hidden throughout the Louvre. On a Paris Art Walk tour, you’ll talk with artists, curators and other Parisian art enthusiasts to get a richer, deeper understanding of the history of art in the city, but also what’s happening today.

Marais gallery walk

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Paris, Le Marais has a long history. Known for its many museums, and world-famous independent galleries, and even more abundant lesser-known spaces there is much to see and discover. Our guides know all the little ins and outs of this culture-rich arrondissement and will give you insight into the history of the galleries, the artists and the neighbourhood itself. Take a walk with a local artist, meet some gallery owners and experience for yourself why artists and art lovers from around the world are drawn to this Paris gem.


Venture through the Centre Pompidou and explore Europe’s largest collection of 20th-century art. You’ll see everything from Matisse, Picasso, Man Ray and Duchamp and the pieces which help to define modern art, alongside new work by current artists that are evolving and growing what we think of contemporary art. Our art experts will walk you through this incredible collection with insights on the movements that composed modernism, the history of the artists, and a better understanding of the current works and how they represent what is happening in art today.

Belleville gallery walk

At the crossroads of 4 arrondissements in the north of Paris lies a diverse, lively, creative neighbourhood long known for its culture of art and music. Belleville is full of street art, artists, artisans, and wonderful galleries that truly reflect what is happening in the Paris art scene today. With a local art insider, you’ll discover the vibrant art and artists transforming this unique pocket of Paris that is often overlooked by those who aren’t familiar with the city.


When you think of a Paris art museum, the Louvre is top of mind. This incredible Palace is home to some of the most revered artworks ever created. It’s said to see every piece in the collection would take around 3 days. With our experts, you’ll skip the lines upon entry and get a guided experience, making sure you not only see the iconic pieces but discover the lesser-known treasures. Our tours are led by local artists and poets who still draw inspiration from this unrivalled institution.


Located in a former train station, the Musee d’Orsay contains the largest collection of Impressionist paintings in the world. Your tour explores the works of the great Edouard Manet, Paul Cezanne, Gustave Courbet, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Vincent Van Gogh and many more. You will explore this important revolution in French art history, and experience the captivating architecture that makes the d’Orsay Museum one of the world’s ‘must see’ museums in Paris.

What our guests are saying about us:

“Great Tour and Visit, These tours have such personal wisdom and interest in the contemporary as well as the historic art representation of Paris. I had wonderful learning experiences with great humor and conversation about the work and spaces all these works embody. I recommend a tour with Paris Art Walks for anyone needing a personal and professional perspective on the Paris scene.”

– Jordon Bent from Vancouver, Canada

“Naomi was very knowledgeable, fun and with a lot of patience. Took us to several galleries who fit our preferences (modern). Great experience!”

– David Cohen from the United Arab Emirates