Paris Art Walks

Paris Art Walks connects you with art insiders excited to share their passion for Paris’s hidden treasures. Visit the museums and Galleries with a knowledgeable local. Learn what inspires artists, curators and enthusiasts living in Paris. We are also interested in tailoring your visit to your interests. Our tours are flexible, so don’t hesitate to send us a personal message about what gets you excited, so we can tailor the visit to you.

We are delighted to customize your tour, or answer any question you have. We can be reached at : artwalksparis@gmail.com.

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About our Guides

Nancy Crain

Nancy has over 10 years experience working in the arts with artist, galleries, as an artists and curator. She started out running an artist run centre and loves making the experience of interacting with art accessible and easy. She has lived in Paris for fifteen years and is more than excited to share with you an insider’s view of the Paris vibrant art scene. She will be happy to find the best guide for you.