Belleville /Patin Walk 


Tour through the lesser known galleries of Belleville:

- Private 2 to 3 hours tour

- Up to 8 people


The Belleville art scene is a fresh and forever renewing cultural hub in Paris. New galleries pop up, move and are a little more tucked away from view. Knowing what's on and what is worth seeing can be an art in itself. Let us make this easy for you! Together we will explore the vibrant art scene of Belleville through it's studio spaces, galleries and it's artist.

Highlights will include, and vary depending on  gallery schedule and current exhibitions; four to six contemporary Belleville galleries and a neighbourhood artist studios.


Belleville is a traditionally working-class neighbourhood not known to many tourists. Built by migrants, artists and musicians it is very different from the rest of Paris as there are no classy Haussmann buildings or fancy storefronts. Instead, a long history of immigration from Greeks and Armenians to Tunisian Jews, Moroccans Chinese and Vietnamese has enriched this hillside community with layers of flavour and artistic inspiration. More recently, artists have been drawn there by its cheaper rents and larger loft-like spaces. Adding to this area a new element; Street art is everywhere along the steep, gritty, narrow streets creating a new generation of galleries showcasing the work of today’s emerging artists. 

Belleville was very impacted by the COVID 19 crisis and many of the galleries and artists have started to move out a bit further to the adjacent area of Patin. Our tours will take you through the history of this evolving neighbourhood; we’ll visit galleries in Belleville and Patin to see some of the amazing, contemporary art being created in this melting pot. 

Our tours are prepared by and conducted by artists and art lovers just like you. If there is a style, movement, or gallery that you want to explore please let us know so we would love to tailor your tour to what inspires you!


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